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Customer Reviews & Stories

Honest, Skilled, Reliable and not a price gouger. Highly Recommend!

      - N.S.

Staff is knowledgeable, service was fast, and I've experienced no problems so far. I would highly recommend having service done here.

      - J.K.

I have gone there twice so far. This last time not only do I feel they are honest and capable but they actually recommended that I don't do the repairs I felt I needed due to the age/mileage of my car. The young woman, Danielle who diagnosed my issues is incredibly knowledgeable and very personable. I don't feel like I'm at a car shop but rather talking to my dad for advice about my car. As the voice and face at Vince's, she lets you know that you will be taken care of in the absolute best way possible. Thank you, Danielle and everyone at Vince's!

      - L.M.

Cheri is terrific, she picks me up and brings me home. She is also great at the desk. Technicians do a perfect job on my car. They keep me safe, informed, and they're nice to customers. Vince can be very proud of his staff, very professional and I think very highly of them. I bring my business and all the people I know. Thank you for all your help.

      - J.B.

I was a client of Vince's many years ago and always had a wonderful experience there. We moved out of the area, and when we moved back 8 years later we took our car to the dealership when the air conditioning gave out. Worst move ever! The dealership performed a "warranty repair" three times on our vehicle and the problem came back within a week each time. Eventually we got smart and took our Honda-CRV to Vince. Not only did their team identify the *real* issue after just a few hours, but they helped me to get the right information to Honda's warranty department so that I could submit a claim for reimbursement. Vince and team (shout out to Cheri) are honest, true professionals with a passion for their work and customer service. We will never trust anyone else with our vehicles, again. Would highly recommend to anyone!

      - Yelp Review

This place is awesome. They really know what customer service is. Cheri explains everything in complete detail and answers all your questions. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The price is great as well. They don't try to sell you anything you don't need. I will continue to have my Volvo serviced here. They took great care of my car. Thanks guys!!!

      - Yelp Review

I had a pleasant experience with Vince's auto. I went there to change two frontal wheel bearings for my Honda Accord. I dropped the car and they were good enough to give me a ride back home. After I got my car back, the abs light was on and off when I drove next day. I was scared and called them. They were very responsive and fixed that problem a few days later, this time they drove the car for 10 miles before they gave it to me to make sure the issue will not come back again. They also offere a free oil change due to the inconvenience. It has been two weeks since the car was repaired and I am still getting follow up calls from them. Very responsive auto repair shop!

      - Google Review

My first experience at Vince's Auto Shop was a positive one! I would highly recommend it to anyone. I will definatley be returning for my next service needs. Loved the staff!!!

      - Yelp Review

My turn signal light was out so I called to make an appointment this morning, thinking it would have to wait. The guy said to just come in later and they would stop whatever they're doing to change the bulb real quick. Came to under $15, and I was out within 10-15 minutes. Super nice and took my car the same day without any appointment. :)

      - Yelp Review

I absolutely love this mechanic! From my very first visit for an "emergency oil change" (where they actually stayed open longer to squeeze me in on a Saturday) to my recent inspection I have been impressed. The office staff is attentive and kind, the owner communicates everything you need to know, and the mechanics do wonderful work. One of the few places left as a customer where you truly feel like your business matters to them!

      - Yelp Review

Appreciate the work you guys have done on my BMW, and the time you took today for the test drive. I have to say that it drove as well as anyone could want, and I’m looking forward to getting it back as my daily driver.

      - B.W

Excellent service, accurate diagnosis, collaborative approach for issue prioritizing, unbelievable follow through!!!!!!!! Excellent, fair, honest pricing. Customer teaching as well. If I had a question, time was taken to explain and show me where the issue was. I’m a customer that wants to learn everything I can about car maintenance. Vince and the team treated me like a loyal, valued customer....even though it was my first time there, and I had traveled a great distance to have this wonderful experience!!

The shop is modest and clean!!!! Everyone there, extremely knowledgeable and helpful. After services were rendered to my meticulous satisfaction, mechanic Warren and owner Vince itemized concerns for the future and suggested timelines to help me save money and avoid potential vehicle safety issues. Very patient, very pleasant. I’m very happy with this experience! Thanks to you Vince’s Auto!!!!!!!! I will be recommending you to everyone in the future!!!

      - Google Review

Great service, repairs on time, reasonable pricing. Took care of our GMC Yukon, which we cannot live without! Highly recommend!

      - Google Review

We just started using Vince's for all our Acura and Honda repairs and routine services last year. They have been a pleasure to do business with and we have never had an issue with their work. Also, their prices are competitive and the final costs have been the same as what they quoted!

      - Google Review

Vince did an awesome job on my daughter's car! He charged her a very fair price, repaired the key items and made it safe again for her and my grandson! He actually took the time to show her everything that needed to be done and explained…

      - Citysearch Review