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Vince worked as a technician at this very location in the 90's and became owner of the business in 1999. Vince has 40 years in the automotive business and loves to teach others about cars and teamwork. His interest started young when fixing his bike tires and replacing the bike handlebars with a steering wheel!


Service Manager

Being a family business, Anna has helped out throughout the years, starting when she could first use a calculator to add up sales. Now, she is learning the industry and managing the daily schedule, promotions, and any task Vince throws her way. Anna has a B.S. in Marine Biology and worked for the NJ Fish and Wildlife.



Service Advisor

Tina is our newest addition to our family of 5! Tina has a B.S. in Marine Biology and a M.A. in Teaching. She is learning quickly and a leader with all of us. She has over +25 years in customer service, managing employees, and caring for others with joyful conversations. She came all the way from the Philippines, diving from ocean to ocean to educate and advise you! Just kidding. But she has dove the Philippines, Hawaii, Caribbean, California's waters!


Automotive Technician

Dave has a B.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries Science and has been working on cars for over 15 years. Outside of the garage he enjoys offroading, overlanding, camping, hunting, and fishing.

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